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Fiona B.

I first met Barb in early 2018 when I approached her in regards to selling my condo. Thinking that it was going to be a monumental challenge that I just couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around, I then proceeded to keep delaying until, finally, I bit the bullet and listed in May of this year (2019)

Just the fact that Barb, and her amazing executive assistant and Buyer’s Agent, Ruth, were still willing to work with me after all my procrastination is a testament to their patience and professionalism in itself. But to then go ahead and make the process so seamless (and even enjoyable!), takes it to a whole new level.

Having taken the time to get to know me and my daughter, Barb was aware that I needed the experience to be as stress-free and noninvasive as possible – she assured me it would be and she delivered 100% on that promise. From the staging and cleaning to discussing pricing strategies, the open house and negotiations, selling my condo was in no way the nightmare I imagined it would be – in fact, it was a dream.

Barb and Ruth were there to lend support, advice and even a lot of laughs at every step of the way and the result was better than I could have ever expected. Barb has a lot to live up to with ‘Best’ as a last name but she not only lives up to it, she surpasses it. If you want an agent with experience, expertise and integrity, you need Barb Best, period.

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