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Spring Cleaning for your Home and Mind

Spring Cleaning for your Home and Mind

With the thermostat inching, and I mean literally INCHING closer to parka-free temperatures and the sun FINALLY making itself known to us again, it’s time for us to break free from our hibernation and revitalize ourselves with a little Spring Spruce Up of the Home AND the Mind in this month’s BEST Item of Value.

Spring cleaning in and of itself is a therapeutic activity; clearing away the dust, cobwebs and clutter that have built up in your home over the winter helps revitalize your space and provides opportunity for redecorating, remodelling or prepping your home for a spring, summer or fall sale.  The OTHER benefit to this cleanse however, is how it makes you feel. The physical removal of the old season’s remnants in your space can free up precious space in your mind from things you may have been holding onto throughout the winter months.

Ready to revitalize and recharge? GREAT! So are we!

 1) Take stock of your surroundings

What rooms do you spend the most time in? Are the dust bunnies congregating under the couch? Have the spiders taken up residence in your window sills? Maybe your pile of ‘to read’ magazines or ‘to file’ papers have started to resemble a small mountain? Do you ACTUALLY know what’s in those drawers?

Make a list of the tasks that needs to be done for each room. By organizing your cleaning methodically, the business of clearing the space becomes less daunting and gives you a clear road map of what needs to be done. The clearer the route, the more manageable it will become.


2) Out with the old, in with the new

Now that you’ve got a plan, make another list of the items that need to go! Ask yourself the following questions: have I used it/worn it in the last 6 months? Is it REALLY salvageable (are you actually going to take the time to fix it)? Does it hold sentimental value (positive or negative)?

Make a donate pile and a discard pile. Do this in a high traffic area of your home so you are forced to deal with it that day! By donating items that you know others can use, you’re making a conscious effort to help others while being environmentally sensitive. If it needs to go, attach a negative emotion, thought or issue you’ve been holding onto TO that object, and get rid of it! Don’t want to take the items away yourself? There are many services that can assist you with removing your items as well, such as Value Village, The Salvation Army, 1-800-Got Junk and many more! If you need suggestions, let us know!


Now, here is the fun part – bring in something new! Maybe new vibrant throw pillows are in order. Feeling extra energized? How about a new coat of paint! Love that pineapple lamp you saw at the store the other day? Why not!

You might even feel that your new decluttered space doesn’t actually need anything added to it. That is AOK! Minimalism can be a great thing and can help you maintain your newly acquired place of zen!

3) Make it enjoyable!

Let’s be honest – cleaning doesn’t normally crack the list of top ten things you’d love to do over the weekend for MOST. If you’re lucky enough to have inherited that gene, please pass some of that power over this way!

To counter the cleaning blues, throw on some music, open the windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in and plan for delicious and healthy snack breaks! Shake it up while dusting the shelving! Mambo with your vacuum. Do squats while cleaning that huge mirror! Not only will the music distract you from what you are really accomplishing, but the release of endorphins from being active will help keep you going until it’s done!

When you’re finished, reward yourself with a glass of your favourite wine, because, you know, it technically counts as a serving of fruit!

We hope you found this small guide to your home and mind Spring Spruce Up helpful! As always, we love to help our neighbours, so if you’ve got your own tips or have questions for us, we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!

Team Best

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