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Selling your home

A well-defined strategy and an action-oriented marketing plan is what will get your home sold for the most amount of money and in the quickest amount of time. That’s what my job is to do for you!

When is the best time to sell your home? My analysis includes assessing current market conditions, comparing competition in the area, and positioning the time of year you will be selling. Then next key steps are arriving at the optimum price, advising on home staging requirements to attract the widest group of potential buyers, and executing a proactive marketing plan.

It is no longer adequate to just rely on mainstream channels such as MLS for marketing a property. Today’s buyers are sophisticated and internet savvy. My approach is to reach all generations by using the latest video technology and social media to ensure your property is showcased in the most effective and visual way.

This technology–driven approach combined with my cold calling techniques, results in your property being marketed to the widest audience possible. My approach is different: at its core it is good old-fashioned hard work, coupled with confidence and enthusiasm. And that sells!

When you want to start the conversation about selling your home, let’s set up a meeting. I can walk you through the BEST strategy and save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress as you start this journey. I am committed to building a relationship based on trust, candidness, honesty, and excellent service…plus, my goal is that you also have fun along the way!

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