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Know what your home is worth? What about what it COULD be worth?

Home Evaluations. CMA’s. Property Worth. Whatever you call it, you’ve likely had a Market Evaluation completed for your property in the last few years, given the massive boom in Toronto Real Estate prices. Why not, right? Who doesn’t want to know what their home is worth.

Maybe the funds could provide for that around-the-world trip you’ve been dying to take in your retirement. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of moving out of the city and want to know what you could afford elsewhere. Maybe your kids are going to University and you’d love to help them out! Whatever your reason, a Market Evaluation can help you find out your home is worth in the current Real Estate market conditions.

So, you decide this is what you want and call in a professional. Likely a Realtor. Great! You find out what your home is worth. You’re pleased, but wonder if that’s really ALL your property could fetch being listed exclusively or on MLS.

You’re right to wonder. In this month’s BEST Item of Value, we divulge a little Team Best secret we’ve been keeping under wraps.

What if we could not only tell you what your home IS worth in today’s market, but what your home COULD be worth.

Wait…money you might be losing out on? Hold the door! No one likes to lose out on money! WE don’t like to hear about you losing out on money either!

I know what you’re thinking right now; “…but Team Best, what makes your method so different from others that you can tell me what my property COULD be worth?”. I’m glad we had this chat and are on the same page.

Through a partnership with one of the GTA’s most successful and accomplished Real Estate Designers, Team Best has established the exclusive Property Potential Evaluation System.

Using current market conditions and comparables, Barbara and her Team can give you a current evaluation for your property and here is where it gets interesting! Through our partnership, we can give you specifics on what your home COULD be worth.

The BEST part? It’s completely FREE.

Really. Free. As in doesn’t cost you anything to find out what your home IS and COULD be worth.

“Well come one, Team Best! How do to get to that number?”

Well, we can’t tell you that here.

“But I want to know!”

Well, you’ll just have to contact us to find out more!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

For more information on our Property Potential Evaluation System and what your home COULD be worth, give Team Best a call or email us directly:




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